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Alone In a raunchy room, -Every entity has left me here. -The door Is bar reddened by a broom, Be ampleing to the witch who sealed my faith. -Curled into a ball -Knees to my chest, back against the wall. -This is my only protection. -Although the only breath I h head is my own, -Im reminded Im non yet solely. Lingering above me Is the everlasting pressure, -That undermines my body wrack with sobs. -Cut, It whispers, The foul volume drips with a venom even snakes envy. It swirls about me, -Taking in the sight of the cowardly abomination that is me. This may not be a pleasurable presence, - besides at least Im not abandoned. -Detached from all beings, this empty feeling must(prenominal) be my sole purpose. 2.Time bomb 2014 -Youre Like a duration bomb -Ticking overthrowlessly -Shes walling for you to explode stabbing her with the millions of scattered pieces youll have broken into -Its only a enumerate of time -As she watches you fading -Youre falling a cancel(predicate) be fore her eyes -and she is trying desperately to do -what all the kings horses and all the kings men couldnt - tho she cant change the olden -She cant undo whats already been done -She cant take back their venomous words Or somehow make you for arrest all the pain you endured -Because even If she drives them a port -you atomic number 18 soul your own worst resistance And the monsters outside -The paint of your resilience is chipping away -And youre clutching to your blade more desperately than before -Her pleas and promises argon falling on deaf ears -And sometimes she wonders if all this sorrow is worth -the happiness she feels -When shes holding your submit -But then she calls the girl -Who, at only fifteen -Was going to take her life -And she was clutching in effect(p) as desperately to that knife - further you saved her -And youve been saving her ever since She saw a light in your eyes, in that location was nothing left to fear -And now helplessly -She watches it disappe ar -She wants to be the savior, that you atomic number 18 to her -But no matter how hopeful she seems -Shes optimistic in vain -You say she cant make you happy, she cant end the pain -She speaks wistfully of rising plans -She wishes on a star -Words turn into razors -You say you dont plan on making it that far -But she tacit loves you Just the way you are -And like a time bomb would -Youll explode -destroying allthing in your itinerary -And when you do -Shell have nothing left -Suicide is such a Shiite thing to expect 3. Thunderstorm 2014 -You taught me how to total beautifully -The seconds between -Thunder and lightning -As it shook the foundation of our being -You taught me -Not to be afraid -But baby there is a thunderstorm -Raging on outside -But I can only count -The days since you - each because -Of me 4.How to destroy an transmission 2014 I need mortal To help me get rid of these feelings The feeling that Im disgusting But Ive make do to realize that No one can ge t rid of them No one Theyre a part of me And the only way to destroy the infection Is to attack at the root 5. Sixty percent deathlike 2014 Humans are approximately Sixty percent water Because, you see We are all oceans Seas Lakes Rivers Puddles Droplets crying We slip our fingertips in To test the waters To see if these people will love us respect you Foolishly For you have forgotten As you everlastingly do when you are Blinded & confused as sweet liquid Fills your lungs Youre drowning Drowning in someone else But you are not the victim You are the baddie Ignorant Have you forgotten, Sabina?You are a plague A reckless mightiness of evil You draw hurricanes with Your words Typhoons with Your actions Yet motionlessness you dip your fingertips in Slowly being swallowed In chiptersweet and vacuous bliss As you kill everyone around you How many lives must you take To remember 6. Crimson 2013 The dark crimson streaks Theyre all withal familiar Deep down across the canvas of my wrist You promised I hear his echo The solemn whisper still clear Above the buzzing in my ear I lay in bed, open my eyes Shift my head Im looking at destruction, annoyance Written across my wrists They scream at me Im staring at words Strong enough to break bones Im peering in through the cracks Is someone looking back?She wants to escape The girl inside She cant look her way out I need a small crevice, she hisses, Just one, pretty please? cherubic venom laces her words I wonder aloud, hearing no reply Has she gone already? lie and escaped without a passing goodbye? Or maybe I cut too compact And broke her too But Just then, I hear A faint laugh Im still involved down inside of you Cut deeper, youll reach me I promise Those two words are so familiar But my cuts have almost healed I plead But Sabina, darling, I need to be kickd I cant stand this anymore Just end the pain I feel what to do I must be insane And with that Were back to where we started And how Ive missed it Its b een three days since I last saw 7.Click 2014 They say to wear your affectionateness on your sleeve But That seems a bit gruesome Doesnt it? How does one wear a heart? Do you take a needle and digress Slowly and painfully piercing The edges of your heart Threading it to The fabric on your wrist Splattering the innocent,even friends With blood as you wave Its almost laughable Do you attach it to The nerve endings Willing them to protrude And wrap around the organ we have removed As a sort of method to express ourselves What a whimsical notion Im sorry It Just seems rather silly to me Id love to show my feelings But Id prefer to lionise my organs inside 8. Learning to Breathe Water 2014 You know the things you learnThat you wouldve never considered prior to learning them but after learning them you feel like youve known youre whole life and you try but you cant remember who you were before that like Who was I before I knew x Like Sabina, your mouth is not a good place for spare c hange Sabina, your mouth should not speak of change that is a Mans closing Sabina, put on your settable Sabina, wearing a short skirt is Just as dangerous as not wearing one Sabina, you have to go home your shorts are much too short I hear Sabina, the boys have to focus to learn, your body is too distracting and it is your alt that they sexuality you Sabina, the electrical socket is not a good place for dinner knives Sabina, neither is your wrist Okay Sabina, neither are your thighs I realize that learning is Just Life crushing and molding your brain You lose liberty You wonder what you can do I try desperately To breathe water Even though Ive learned So long ago that Sabina, you cant breathe water Unless you dont want to breathe Anymore 9. reveal girls 2014 We are the girls who havent run the mile in four years because we Layer our deep v necks with excuses and waver our eyelashes at the male gym teachersWe are taught to survive by using our bodies as Swiss soldiers knives I nvoluntarily Its the game weve been playing since we were children Deceive, but be polite Girls, we have to be nice use to the masculine brutality Male kindness is so alien to us we mistake it for seduction every time duration 7, my 15 year old cousin touches me, makes me touch him It took me years to realize that force was not love, when he called me beautiful he did not look beneath my abused skin advance 12, Dad says wearing short skirts in the city is like driving without a settable Age 13, a boy Ive been dating for a week asks me to have sex with him, he says its he only way I can show my love Age 15, my boyfriend, hits me If only it was unexpected I blame myself Age 16, my dad calls me sexy, on a regular basis, I take it as a compliment not knowing any better but the queasy feeling in my stomach tells me Something is wrong With the Waved tardiest, free drinks, smacked asses, my yoga pants are not a welcome mat, thank you Playing this game to realize This is not female privil ege this is survival of the prettiest We are easily startled Who wouldnt be I am barked at from the streets We are the girls petrified of the business school boys who learn to somehow manifest success by refusing to take no for an answer Aggression is key Once my friend and I got cat called She say screw you I said thank you, head down Like I was trained to 10. I once love a psychopath- 2014 I once loved a psychopath Completely aware He could never be capable of a love that wasnt Clinging to another person and wrapping around their Throats and down their chests and to their police wagon To squeeze out every once of affection from you But I didnt care Because he told me the world wasnt nearly as beautiful as I He told me That the reason why our blood is red Is the same reason why some stars are redTheir time is Almost up Our time is It has always been And he told me thats okay That this only means it wont be too long before We perform fireworks And wed be a part of something Treme ndously bigger Together And I once loved a psychopath Who kept me alive Longer than the medication and therapy ever could I became slowly entangled in his words His false compliments tied me down and I knew Exactly what was happening His words ran up my body, creeping Like vines Thorns cutting me as they slithered Up my torso wrap around my throat Wrapping his hands around my throat And squeezing So hard, I began to see stars And I said to myself This is it. My time is up. I am a firework, and I am becoming a part of something bigger. 11. My kind of alone 2014 People think of alone as A dark hole Where no sound and no light and no life can Penetrate But I dont think so because I have been down that hole many times before I have lived it and still I feel More at home there than Or a group full of friends But who knows Maybe our kind of alone is the sadder kind Because its the kind that makes you Not fear death anymore 12.let go- 2014 Letting go of The one you thought you loved more than Anything More than Everything Is not like dropping someone off The edge of a cliff However badly you might wish it was Its not And no matter how long you Put it off This inevitable thing It will never be easier Just get it over with Oh but dont be fooled Getting it over with does not imply An instantaneous recess They arent some bandit Holding together two infected halves Of a whole twisted heart Oh no Letting go Of someone you love Is a slow release A long painful exhale In a room starved for oxygen A Jet of helium Slowly streaming from that pinprick In the plastic skin of a young childs party balloon Who didnt get their birthday wishPoetryI picked this song thinking this seems like a funny human activity and it would be a confusing poem that had a simple title but a deep meaning. This poem had a lot of alliteration the grow ere and re were repeated very often,and the only roots used in the poem. The only exception to this order was the the first line in verse phoebe bir d where minotaur was used. The minotaur was placed there conclude to break the steady rhyme. This is cleverly placed to bring the attention of the referee o the conclusion. Here is where/ You can get nowhere This itself Starts the poem at a negative linguistic context and a feeling Of hopelessness. This in the poem represents life as being where you are your fate has prescribed to be there is no point of struggling or trying to run away from it. All of lifes problems are symbolized as the corn mazes twist and turns. Like any other/ You cant peer over/ And then another. The twisting turns in this poem like problems cannot e seen ahead of time you just run into them.When you are done dealing with one problem the next one appears. As we try to shape our destinies by ourselves we wake blindly not knowing what we do assuming we we are doing whats best for us. Your inner minotaur is a psychological term which can mean your fear of the unknown or your destiny. In psychology it IS said th at you walk on hands and knees blindly until you are able to confront your inner minotaur. Which coincidentally relates with the poem. But on you blunder shows the severity of our method of pursuing our destiny. To summarize the poem I conclude that this poem shows the futility of life of how no matter how hard we try to run we have acknowledge in the end that we have accept we have go nowhere in life. Like the pace of the poem it goes at steady pace. I am able to connect many of the situations of this poem to my life it shows my problems and how they come unexpected.

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