Sunday, June 16, 2019

Summary of Deconstructing America Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Summary of Deconstructing America - Essay ExampleIt is a people without moorings, with no putting green heritage, no common language, and nothing to bind as a nation or as a cohesive cultural and social force. Respect for diversity is good, when it does not reach the extremes. There must be something tangible that holds American people together. Americans must develop the capacity to foresee the common good, not what is good from the viewpoints of Democrats and Republicans, according to Buchanan.With the increasing diversity, America has become the melting pot. Buchanan forecasts a deteriorating social order and demise of the identity of the country in cod course. Melting pot, is on the verge of becoming myth, and forces of diversity can cause problems within the nation and tear the nation apart, according to Buchanan. He does not desire of diversity. According to him, more diversity means, inviting dangers to the unity and integrity of the country. This is in complete contrast to the popular viewpoint that diversity is very important to America as it gives the opportunity to learn from each other. Religion, color and ethnicity are not the compartmentalizing forces. With imaginative and purposeful administration and by h adeptst implementation of the laws, they can as comfortably be the forces of unity and love between the communities. No immigrant will try to deconstruct the nation, as no one is interested in working against ones own interest. Buchanan believes firmly that diversity will destroy America. He does not favor the state identity and advocates that national identity must supercede it for the survival of the country. He strongly indicts those who take pride in asserting that America is a multicultural, multiracial, multiethnic, multilingual nation and therefore she is great. Buchanan argues, Our day of reckoning is at hand. Time to mind our own business. Time to lay down the burden and come home. Time to put America first.(263) He has no hesit ation

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