Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Against Space Program Funding Essay

Opening pedagogy The government intakes approximately 17.6 one million million million dollars of the taxpayers specie to fund NASA e genuinely year. We shouldnt be funding NASA that notes when our economy is the switch its been since the Great Depression we use up to management and turn over our money on the problems here on creation. NASA hasnt through with(p) anything signifi pratt in outer post in years. And its incredibly high-risk and formidable going up there.Arguments1)Our economy is the strike its been since the Great Depression, why argon we even considering funding NASA 17.6 billion dollars when we expect big problems here? Barack Obama, our soon to be President, agrees. We elected him so he moldiness be doing something right with the changes he wants to obligate. Millions of Ameri pottys break away from preventable diseases all because they dont see healthc ar, and millions more(prenominal) go to fanny hungry at night because they good dealt afford t o eat. If we took that 17 billion dollars and used to ease people consider health insurance at least our world would be a purify place. Also, global warming & issues like that are happening. If those NASA scientists used their knowledge to figure verboten a way to better jock the earth instead of space, wed be so oft better off. 2)NASA hasnt made any kind of uncovering in recent years thats been of any kind of use to us. Sure, comeing out Pluto doesnt rattling count as a satellite is cool and all, but how does that help us in anyway?It doesnt make a difference if we know how many a(prenominal) planets there are right now, what matters is that we use our money to help stop destroying the Earth & try to fix the damage weve done. Its great that we have the technology and skills to trigger into space, but its becoming unaffordable and we have bigger expenses on our hands. 3)Its incredibly risky and dangerous traveling to space. Remember the space shuttle Columbia tragedy? A lso, the beam on Earth and Space is very different and the radiation in space can cause damage to humane cells and possibly cancer. Osteoperosis is another risk. Because of microgravity, bones amaze brittle and a full recovery when arriving back on Earth whitethorn not occur. Space travel can also cause temporary and sometimes permanent hearing loss. And the biggest danger age in space? The debris that is evermore orbiting earthtravels at high speeds and can be deadly if collided with.Closing contention Before we continue any more exploration in space, we need to focus on exploring the ways we can help the Earth. We dont need to spend 17 billion on NASA to find out facts that arent of great importance, to practice the astronauts and people on the launch rate in danger, and when we have so much work to do on Earth. The money will be better worn-out(a) on fixing the economy and fashioning the Earth a better place.

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