Thursday, July 25, 2019

Organizational Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Organizational Analysis - Essay Example This strategy comes into play whenever any organization has a certain aim or objective to reach as otherwise the entire strategy becomes an ineffective one. This strategy is used in order to be incorporated in the entire strategic planning model. For any company to be competitive, efficient and at par with the market, it has to be able to scan the internal and the external environment at that results in the fulfillment of the corporate aims. This analysis would allow the organization, to have valuable information resulting in the matching of the firm's resources and its capabilities to the sort of competition that exists in the market in which that company is operating and functioning in at present. For all companies in the present times, this tool has become highly important as it results in the strategy formulation and selection. The above diagram depicts all the four aspects which make up this analysis framework and which are used in order to scan the environment as well. The company that would be analyzed for the purpose of this paper would be done in a manner which would allow its internal and external factors to be highlighted while at the same time looking at the best possible strategy that could be used by this organization in order to achieve its corporate aims and all. Hill, T. & R. Westbrook (1997). The company that would be analyzed would be the ALDI which stands for Albrecht Discount; a discount supermarket chain which is based in Germany. It would be viewed in terms of the different areas which make it one of the biggest supermarket chains of Germany. This organization operates on a global level and delivers world class services to its global clients. This organization falls within the commercial sector which has recently had had to take a severe hit due to the recession and yet this particular organization has remained strong and steady enough-it even managed to score highly on the list of top companies operating within the European region proving that his chain has the strength which has allowed it to gain a good and strong position in the market despite such a strong setback. This organization's business services are made up of the provision of a range of goods which are available at discounted prices. The global strength of this organization can be gauged from the fact that it has over eight thousand stores worldwide and almost a new store opens up in Britain every week. The strengths of this supermarket have been this very ability to deliver quality services to a wide range of clients who have access to a number of in-house products and the outside products are unusually quite limited in number... The fact that this organization has always stressed on maintaining a low price policy which has allowed it to keep itself on its toes and hence, the ability to sustain itself during one of the worst financial scenarios to have ever existed. The innovative ideas such as having weekly special offers on more expensive products and by having a wide range of stores has translated into a strong and confident clientele. The ability of this chain to listen to the customer and value the feedback, efficient

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