Saturday, August 24, 2019

NET Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

NET - Essay Example In academic circles with the frequent need of large quantities of information the use of databases has become popular and can be seen in the linkage that they maintain with databases in addition to the libraries that they still maintain. In short we can call the databases virtual libraries. The databases that I usually use are Medscape, Medline, PubMed, BioMed, and eMedicine. On the Internet it is the search engine that uses a set of software programs to identify the request and search the databases and provide the outcome of the search (search engines). Put in simple terms traditionally an individual went to a library and searched for information and brought the information back. The search engine does exactly this by searching for information based on the search terms given and makes available the information that it has found on the databases. The first step in my search for research resources on the internet was to use the most common search engines of Google and Yahoo. This gave me access to some databases, but found that I could do a better job in searching for resources on the net by selecting more academic oriented search engines and so I shifted like Academic Reference and Research Index. (Searching the Internet). The search terms used are crucial in getting the required information and the peed at which the information is located. Initially I found that my search terms were inadequate and provided me with information I did not require or I was flooded with information, which I had to shift to. This made refining of the search terms or queries a requirement. Refining a search term means altering or adding to the set of search terms employed. (Refining a Query). I exploited the search terms that gave me the information and amended the search terms that proved to be not satisfactory. The changes that I have adopted in my methods of researching the Net for information have made me more successful in securing the information that I want

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