Friday, September 27, 2019

Knowledge Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 2

Knowledge - Essay Example The question of the justification of beliefs also arises in the study of epistemology. The mainly applied theories that are trusted in epistemic justification include reliabilism, foundationalim and coherentism. Epistemology also looks at our perception to the world that we live in and the environment that surrounds us. Perception involves our senses and our attitudes towards what we see and interact with. The process of perception though complex helps us in understanding our environment and how we live in it better. Our interaction with the environment is so important as it determines how friendly we will be or how destructive we will be. This makes it an important field in the study of knowledge. Philosophical skepticism is the question that tries to answer the question whether we even know anything. This paper will address the questions that arise in epistemology and compare the description of the same from different philosophers. The paper is aimed at looking critically at the to pic and come up with the best explanation of the theory of knowledge as it pertains to epistemology. Plato projected the tripartite theory of knowledge which I support in what one should have in order to possess knowledge. In this theory knowledge is analysed and brought out as a justified true belief. The theory proposes that for a person to believe in a certain thing then you must have justified it\. In the justification you end up knowing it and hence the theory holds water. According to Plato, the first condition one should have to have knowledge is belief. Believing in a certain thing is a process that is cultured by excellent, emotional free reasoning and weighing of situations. When you believe in a thing then you know it due to the justification you did regarding the issue. Truth is the second condition to uphold knowledge. Even if a belief is sincere and well justified, if it is not true then it cannot be

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