Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Opinion Paper Research Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Opinion - Research Paper Example Everyone seems to care for the prolongation of the life of a beloved one, no matter the extent of socioeconomic demand thereon. For instance, psychological and medical facts supporting the possibility of terminally ill persons making a dramatic comeback from their conditions within the framework of support and care counter the propensity to implement the rights to be aided to end life. The family bond is so strong that the contemplation of assisting aiding someone to end their life is usually not commonly adopted. The patient’s rights to die may be abused for a number of reasons, creating a deliberate move to eliminate persons who need care and probably make a comeback in their health. The case of reported Dutch euthanasia data illustrates the magnitude of risks that a society may have to contend with, if the procedures of aided death fail to observe humane treatment of human dignity. Families must take a more central role in supplementing the national healthcare system in providing care to the aged, since the overstretched system will increasingly find it difficult to cover everyone. Under such conditions, the risks of euthanasia to the sociocultural fabric will continue to loom in the American society (Pevtzow, 2011). Under the conditions of a growing population of aged persons with high dependence of care to survive, healthcare systems find the burden of balancing service delivery to productive population unbearable. The astronomical costs involved in the care-intensive service to the very old always leads to debates on whether elimination of the persons would make healthcare systems sustainable for the populations. However, as illustrated above, stronger social factors tend to keep the life of the aged closer to the family structure than elimination of their life at will. Abuse of the right to die for the terminally ill, most of which are the aged may be supported by cold family members

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