Thursday, September 26, 2019

Will show in the requirement Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Will show in the requirement - Essay Example rampant and unpredictable and development of the human resource capital by the higher education institutions is equally challenging (Brewer& Brewer, 2010). The interrelationship of knowledge management (KM), Human Resources Management (HRM) and Higher Education (HE) is that, the challenges and newly developing needs in HRM and Knowledge Management provides Higher Education with an opportunity to understand the changing global business arena, and thus establish programs that seek to suit and solve these challenges. On the other hand, the Knowledge Management and HRM challenges will enable Higher Education to measure the effectiveness of its learning programs. The field of knowledge management has gained popularity both in business and human resource management, considering that it is a new avenue that is allowing organizations to sort out issues of information congestion and overload, without the necessity of an individual being a computer expert (Brewer& Brewer, 2010). Nevertheless, while knowledge management is a vital aspect that enhances the competitiveness of the Human Resource function within an organization, it must be supported by relevant HRM policies, to ensure that the generation, development and sharing of the knowledge happens smoothly. Similarly, if Higher education has to be effective, it must integrate the Knowledge Management and the Human Resource Management challenges that organizations are experiencing, so the human capital developed can be competent in addressing these challenges (Brewer& Brewer, 2010). In this regard therefore, the three concepts of Knowledge Management, Human Resource Management and Higher Educatio n must work together in sync, to solve the developing challenges in the global business arena. The information from this article has high applicability for both higher education business institutions and global organizations. The institutions of higher learning will use the information in the article for gaining insights into the

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