Tuesday, October 15, 2019

How can we avoid having good Internet security technologies Essay

How can we avoid having good Internet security technologies compromised by the people who use them -- Lessons Learned from Pass - Essay Example In this scenario, the data transmitted over the web from confidential e-mail messages to web shopping information, moves all-through a sequence of systems and network connections. Thus, illegal scam artists and hackers avail sufficient chances to cut off or make illegal use of this information intentionally. Moreover, it would be practically not possible to protect each computer system linked to the internet on the earth; consequently there will certainly vulnerable connections in the way of data transmission over the internet (ReferenceForBusiness, 2011). Problems in Internet Security with Technical and Managerial Solutions There are lots of issues which need to be kept in mind when organizations and individuals make use of the internet. While talking about user personal information security the main issues are about hacking and theft of the user’s confidential information that need to be protected competently for the better security management. In this scenario, to deal with this issue password based information security is necessary at all levels of business and personal systems. Seeing that a password for an email or an Automated Teller Machine account or for conducting business over web, offers a security shield to the certified people to make their entrance to these information technology based systems. In this scenario, a password is a group of digits, numbers, symbols and letters to login into an information system. In addition, anniversary dates, birthday dates, social security numbers etc. are some of the common choices people make while choosing a password based security. On the other hand, most of the people favor utilizing automatic tools to produce security passwords. However, the basic concern is how secure these security based passwords are in an attempt to stop illegal access. Moreover, security of a system is frequently compromised when people leave their secret password and printed slip on systems, etc. Thus, the trend to save or note down these secret passwords to a note book or diary, frequently reveals the system to illegal access and consequently takes to unnecessary breach. There are a variety of causes and factors dependable for violation of security because of passwords. In this scenario, a common mistake most of the people make while choosing a secret password is that they select a simple combination. For instance, they develop passwords which are simple to memorize as well as extremely simple to deduce, like that passwords created on confidential data and information. In addition, these secret passwords are a superior threat of being exposed others. Thus, there is need for developing techniques to choose an extremely hard hidden security password (MightyStudent, 2011). Patch management is a circular procedure that should be continuous. On the other hand, the bad truth about software weaknesses is that, if we implement a patch today, a new susceptibility would require tackling next day. In this scenario, the process of building and automating a patch management procedure encompasses utilization of detection tools. These tools are used to check systems for omitted safety patches. In addition, this operation should be automatic in order to activate the patch management

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