Thursday, November 21, 2019

Developing Management Capability Speech or Presentation

Developing Management Capability - Speech or Presentation Example Your first lines, therefore, should be creative, exciting and interesting. b) 'These next lines are good, and they can be effective if said with passion that will show the listeners how significant a small percentage (like 2 per cent) can be when considered in context of the base amount which, in this case, is 1.2 billion in euro. Assuming that these figures are all well-researched and accurate, this part should serve to be when the you - the speaker - convince the listeners that what you are presenting is worth looking into. The presentation slides used to highlight these lines should show pictures of the market that the listeners would want to tap. Without such critical slides, the important point relayed by this part of the presentation - the market you want them to target - will just be missed by the listeners. c) These lines should never be said, "What sort of things do I mean by informational-educational This is not the best example, but it will help to illustrate the idea: Sotheby's has produced a video guide to eighteenth-century French furniture." They are ineffective points that will only ruin your presentation. These lines give your listeners the feeling that your presentation is not the best that you can give or do. Citing examples to make things clear would be effective only if the examples used for the purpose are the best and the most fitting. It is one big blunder to use second-best examples to illustrate a point; and it is another equally big blunder to actually tell the listeners that the example you are about to name is actually not the best. To be persuasive and convincing, your listeners should be made to feel that you took pains to put together for them a great presentation that contains accurate data and intelligent choices of words, examples, and lay-out of the slides. d) "Now I'd like to talk about where I see the opportunities in this market. I see them at the high end - the affluent - I think it's a defined target, it has a lot of discretionary income, and its interests lie in the areas I want to market into." These lines are ineffectively worded. There are better ways to put the points therein to words. Instead of those lines that rather sound dragging, you should instead use a slide or two to show the listeners a diagram of the entire DVD-renting population and then to specifically point out the specific part of it that represents the market niche that you want to capture. Attaining such goal should be doable if your listeners will be fired up and become enthusiastic and passionate believers of what you yourself believe in. e) "The project would investigate the viability of starting a production and distribution outfit in Europe; it would investigate the potential product portfolio in the market, and would essentially turn an idea into a business proposition that can be put to a bank to raise capital." These lines would dampen the excitement roused by your earlier lines. These are ineffective points, unless they are rephrased and discussed with more optimistic and energy. The financing concerns are to be dealt with by the finance people, and maybe the conservative and serious words are the ones to use when talking with them. But when talking to a group for the purpose of

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