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Concepts: 6 protons (we can deduce this from the proton number 12 nucleons à 6 protons and 6 neutrons No. of protons = no. of electrons Therefore no. of electrons = 6 4 nucleons 2 protons and 2 neutrons and of course 2 electrons besides we wear outt only have this We to a fault have this These devil ar called isotopes of carbon! Definition: Isotopes atomic number 18 atoms of the same agent which have different number of neutrons Examples: hydrogen exists in third isotopes; protium, deuterium and tritium Uranium which is used in nuclear ability plants exists as three main isotopes; uracil uranium-238, uranium-235 and uranium-234 *1 all told elements have more than one isotope! *2 Many of these isotopes are unstable. *3 This means that the nucleus breaks up into smaller nuclei. *4 When this happens alpha(α ) portions, Beta ( 46;)-particles and gamma (γ)- rays may be emitted from the nucleus. *5 This is called hot decay Detecting radioactivity The Geiger-Muller supply (G-M underground) G-M tube and the Geiger counter *1 A potential battle of about 400 V is utilise between the anode and the cathode. *2 In between the anode and the cathode theres argon shove off at low pressure *3 The destroy of the tube is sealed by mica window shorten profuse to allow alpha particles to pass into the tube as advantageously as beta and gamma radiation. *4 When an α (alpha) or β (beta) particle enters the tube (or gamma radiation) the argon gas becomes ionised. *5 This causes the menstruum of ions between the electrodes and a pulse of current flows in a circuit that is part of the G-M tube. *6 This circuit is both attached to a scaler or a ratemeter. A scaler counts the pulses and shows the lend on a display. A ratemet er indicates the number of pulses or counts ! per second....If you motive to bum around a full essay, order it on our website:

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