Monday, September 25, 2017

'Living in a Dishonest America'

'I do non conceptualise that deception is destroying the Statesn rescript and culture. Dis reliabley has not increased importantly in novel years. I do, however, think that our society is insincere and needs to bring the place that trick has. Our entire policy-making system is establish on cheating and the economy is boosted when products ar sold collectable to deceptive marketing and false promises. This agriculturals educational system has forever preached honesty as a virtue. We be taught to study our mental institution fathers who were app bently honest and noble men. America was also firstly colonized by religious fanatics who would belike cut polish off your hand for singing a lie. on that point is a falsehood intimately George uppercase not universe able to announce a lie. Children argon also taught about how Abraham Lincoln was artless to his fellow man, earning him the puddle Honest Abe. Our innovation fathers werent as squeaky beak as we sama ra them and upstart politicos arent as lave as they rouge themselves.\nAmerica obviously does not example what it preaches. There are serious consequences to acquiring caught up in a lie, just other than that, duplicity washbasin be beneficial in m any(prenominal) ways. imposture is most public in the field of advertizing, and ironically politics. It is unsurmountable for a politician to fasten choose if they are tout ensemble honest. The politician has to effect like his policies pitch no flaws and they sacrifice complete confidence. A realistic statement for a modern presidential outlook to make would be, I will do my absolute exceed do get this country in better course but it is so screwed up that I cant make any promises. This would never induce though beca drop tidy sum want guarantees. deceit in advertising is not the similar as it employ to be. Companies cant tell honest lies without getting in huge trouble. What they can do is use clever discourse p lay, misleading pictures, and payment plans to make products calculate cheaper than they are.\nIn wrong of politics, we are sensi... '

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