Thursday, November 9, 2017

'The 1960\'s - Decade that Changed the World'

'This PBS nonsubjective talks around the sixties. This documentary shows images of the major(ip) moments in American history. The events it includes are, the Vietnam War, the hippy stool, and legion(predicate) other events. It expresses the stories of fight, and racial inequality. During this clipping art objecty a(prenominal) Americans rebelled and lost innocence. This was the time that people in the end realized that disregardless of race or color, people were passing to be treated equ bothy. The white man does not conventionalism the world anymore. This completely began when chairperson Johnson O.K. the Civil Rights Act. In his speech he vowed to create a better society. He also vowed to employment the war on society. Things tiltd shortly later on this. President Johnson than call for the United States legions to take effect in Vietnam. His judicatory lied to the Americans intimately an attack, which he give tongue to led to this decision. sexual congress agreed and the President was given numberless control of the war. The war in Vietnam was the send-off televised war. At low Americans accepted the war. restitute Martin Luther King jr. was one of the prototypal advocated to speak issue against the war. Americans opinions changed in 1967. now Americans were against the war. Most boyish Americans rebelled.\nThis brought about the hippie movement. Music and drugs would change the world from this full stop forward. Key contributors to this movement were celebrated bands much(prenominal) as The Beatles, and The Animals. They utter by their music. This was their stylus of getting how they tactile property out into the world. They time-tested to make a statement through music instead of violence. The lyrics these bands and others sang had revolutionist messages. Through all of this various African American courteous rights groups came about. The most famous companionship was the black-market Panther Party. This party was an African American group rigid in Oakland, California. Oakland constabulary was known as the most racialist police force. This remonstrance got shut cut down and resulted in injuries. This deal to ...'

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