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Corporate Culture and Its Influence on the Development

CORPORATE CULTURE AND ITS INFLUENCES ON THE DEVELOPMENT OF MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCY AND BUSINESS resoluteness JOINT STOCK COMPANY INTRODUCTION ************ 1. Rationale of the theater of operations The consideration Corporate close has appeared in the world and become a caustic topic of many researches since the late 20th century. When the business milieu faces a number of unpredictable changes and ch entirelyenges resulting from integrity process and economic crisis, enterprises from any size of it and any country must recognize the important role of corporal husbandry to their survival.However, corporal cultivation is truly concerned only in big groups and corporations and some medium-size companies. In Vietnam, the number of enterprises that have a kosher strategy to develop their own horti close is nearly insignificant. It is the fact that apiece alliance has its own culture may be without recognizing and controlling it. In the simplest way we can understand bodily culture as the environment within a go with in which all staff and workers run and work together.Hence, if we pay a certain attention, we can easily trip up that bodily culture has a strong affect on the cooperation mingled with all employees, the productivity in articulationicular and the festering of the keep company in general. Moreover, in consulting companies, the reputation plays a key role in the company development for it influences the number of customers trusting in and victimization their consulting service. However, the reputation of a company is contributed from the professionalism that is reflected through the working environment or, in other word, the unified culture of the company.Therefore, it is necessary to study corporate culture and its influences in strong consulting companies in Vietnam like Management consultancy and business solution Joint investment trust Company. In conclusion, such researches about corporate culture like the wiz being conductin g in this study somehow lead be passing appreciated by businesses. Especially in 2013, the economic outlook is considered to be worse than that in 2012. That is the reason why each company has to watch out a developing strategy which can make them with child(p) from others.Therefore I would like to choose Corporate culture and its influences on the development of Management consultancy and business solution Joint stock Company as my thesis in this study for its huge value and meaning to our economy. 2. Aims of the study The primary aim of this research is to study about the corporate culture of MC& adenosine monophosphateBS JSC and its impacts on the development of the company. Then the rootage will give some recommendations with the hope that they can help MC& antiophthalmic factorBS JSC find out their comprehensive strategy for tho development. 3. Scope of the studyBecause of the limitation of time, this research will not cover all components of the corporate culture. It wil l just analyze some important and great factors which have significant effects (both peremptory and negative) on the development of MC& group ABS JSC. More importantly, the research does not look at the corporate culture of MC&BS JSC from the foundation up to now but in the two recent years (in 2011 and in 2012) for the reason that when the economic shows a sign of downturn corporate culture becomes more and more meaningful to the lifespan of its owner. 4. MethodologyData analysis is the most ofttimes applied method in the study. Besides, the author also conducts surveys by using questionnaires in order to get more information. In concrete, in the number 1 stage lasting two weeks, the researcher collects data from various sources media, employees and inner(a) filesThen, the researcher carries out some surveys to have more precise and critical information in two later weeks. Lastly, in the four interest weeks, data analysis method will be adopted to educate final conclusio ns. 5. Organization of the study The study is divided into three moveThe first part is the introduction dealing with the rationale, aims, scope, method, organization and significance of the study. The consequence part is the main part with three chapters * Chapter 1 is the literature reexamination which provides readers a general review of what corporate culture is, its components, and how it affects the company development. * Chapter 2 refers to the research methodologies. This means that it will describes in detail sources of data, methods applied in the research and their progresses as well as their outputs. * Chapter 3 is the main part of the study which consists of some discussions.This chapter will point out strengths and weaknesses of the current corporate culture in MC&BS JSC. Then, the author will suggest some actions that could be done in MC&BS JSC in order for them to develop a proper corporate culture. The last part is the conclusion that summarizes the content of the paper and gives some suggestions for just study. 6. Significance It is hoped that this research will be a helpful reference work paper for the management of MC&BS JSC in specific and for businesses in general to build up their most appropriate corporate culture. Table of Contents INTRODUCTION 1.Rationale of the study1 2. Aims of the study2 3. Scope of the study2 4. Methodology3 5. Organization of the study3 6. Significance4 CHAPTER 1 LITARATURE examine 1. 1 Definition of corporate culture 1. 2 Components of corporate culture 1. 1. 1 Structure and roles 1. 1. 2 Espoused mission and goals 1. 1. 3 Rules, regulations and procedures 1. 1. 4 globe codes of behavior 1. 1. 5 Informal codes of behavior 1. 3 Influences of corporate culture on the development of a company 1. 1. 1 Influences of a positive culture 1. 1. 2 Influences of a neutral culture 1. 1. 3 Influences of a negative culture . 4 Assessment of a company culture and phases to develop the desired one 1. 1. 1 Criteri a to assess a company culture 1. 1. 2 Phases to develop the desired corporate culture CHAPTER 2 RESEARCH METHODOLOGY 2. 1 education of structure in MC&BS JSC 2. 2 Study of the company rules, regulations and procedures 2. 3 Study of the interactions between management and employees and between employees themselves CHAPTER 3 DISCUSION 3. 1 Strengths of MC&BS JSCs corporate culture 3. 2 Weaknesses of MC&BS JSCs corporate culture 3. 3 Recommendations to improve the companys corporate culture

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