Sunday, January 20, 2019

Detailed Environmental Impact Assessment (DEIA) Essay

Detailed Environmental Impact Assessment (DEIA) is one of the procedures of EIA adopted in Malaysia. The DEIA report will be prep ared after the Preliminary EIA was okay by the Department Of Environmental. Detailed EIA is a procedure undertaken for those projects with major or significant impacts to the environment. The Procedure for Detailed EIA.Figure 1 shows the procedure conglomerate in DEIAThe detailed perspicacity involves EIA report display for the everyday and bear upon community to stimulant. The examples of activities which need to go through the Detailed EIA procedure are listed in List 1. Notwithstanding the list in List 1, the managing director General of Environment has the prerogative to request a detailed assessment of a project which has significant impacts to the environment of projects which are located in or adjacent to environmentally sensitive areas. List of Prescribed Activities Which conduct Detailed EIA1. Iron and steel industry.2. Pulp and subject m ills.3. Cement plant.4. social structure of coal fired power plant.5. winding of dams for water supply and hydroelectricpower schemes.6. Land reclamation.7. Incineration plant (scheduled wastes & solid wastes).8. Construction of municipal solid waste landfill facility (including municipal solid waste conveying station).9. Project involving land clearing where 50% of the area or much having slopes exceeding 25 degrees (except quarry).10. Logging covering an area exceeding euchre hectares or more.11. Development of tourist or recreational facilities on islands in surrounding waters which are gazetted as national marine parks.12. Construction of recovery plant (off-site) for lead-acid battery wastes13. Scheduled wastes recovery or interposition facility generating significant amount of wastewater which is located upstream of public water supply intake.14. Non-ferrous Primary smelting.List 1 shows examples of activities that need DEIA after(prenominal) the DEIA report being ap proved by the DOE approval, a paper advertisement is carries out for publics comment. The DEIA report could be purchased for every individual parties that interested into it. For example, a DEIA report could be purchased with RM 1,000.00. The advertisement is open for the public view in a certain period of time. by and by the duration for the publics comments on the prescribed activities related with the DEIA report, the twist process is started.Prescribed Activity startedDEIA amendment prior to publics commentPaper advertisement for publics commentDEIA approved endurance of DEIA for approvalPreparation of DEIAPEIA approved

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