Monday, January 28, 2019

Online Food Catering Essay

When I first began this project, I though that I would do the normal pasta and add the cheapest sauce I could find, only then I thought why make whatsoeverthing typical, when I could make something that reflects my culture and is cheap. So I did just that. I went and researched online Arab peasant food and came up with mixed bean soup. Some of the principal(prenominal) chall(a)enges I faced was keeping the meal under the budget. This was especially toilsome because if I add much spice, it will become too expensive, but if I dont I will have a lot of money left over. In the end I bought some popsicles for desert(which wouldnt be a good idea in the 30s because the impoverisheder class didnt have freezers). The last and likely the hardest challenge I faced was getting my family to eat my dinner. During this project I realized how tough it must be to try to think of and answer something that supports your health but is also at such a low cost.When I interviewed my family members they had some vry interesting views that I didnt expect. My father was laughing(prenominal) with the meal and thought it suited the assignment very well though he had some critiques of the flavor of the dish. He also stated that he would eat the dish for long periods of time if necessary, but after more than a couple days, I would choose another dish if possible. He also said that if we were to save a couple bucks we would eat slight fresh foods and no fruits or veggies. My brother was a bit slight open minded and said that the soup was very bland and windy and that people in the great depression couldnt live with tremendous food like this.The healthiness of this meal is fairly good, with the exception of the popsicles. The beans provided surpassing nutritional value with high concentrations of protein and lots of fats and starch in the pasta. If I would have to live like this for a long time, I would likely get sick of it, but if it the only thing available to eat, I could cope. If a present day depression were to occur, my family would probably sell all UNNESSEARY items and downgrade on items we must have. Within this period I would thumb as if my government has betrayed me and I was left for the wolves.

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