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Joseph Stalin: Did his Rule Benefit Russian Society and the Russian People? :: Joseph Stalin Essays

Joseph Stalin Did his Rule Benefit Russian Society and the Russian tribe?In this paper I plan to prove that even though Stalin made improvementsin the Russian industrial system, his rule did not service Russian society andthe Russian people. In order to accomplish this, some(prenominal) questions must be asked.How did Stalin affect Russias industrial power? How did Stalin try to assortmentRussias agricultural system? What changes did Stalin make in society? What wereStalins purges, and who did they effect?Joseph Vissarionovich Djugashvili was born(p) on December 21, 1879, on thesouthern slopes of the Caucasus mountains, in the town of Gori. His mother,Ekaterina was the daughter of a peasant who married at fifteen and who lost her clear upset printing three children at birth. Vissarion, his father, was a self-employedshoemaker who had a ruby-red temper (Marrin 6-7).Young Djugashvili was small and wiry and had a deeply faveolate face from asmall pox attack that nearly killed hi m. He as well had blood poisoning in his leftarm that was plausibly caused by Vissarions beating fists. The arm would stiffenat the elbow enounce and wither, making it lame and useless for the rest of hislife (Lewis 8 Marrin 8).He was dedicated to only one person, his mother, and her only ambitionwas for her son to locomote a priest and to bless her with his own hands. But,this dream was crushed when Joseph was expelled from capital of Georgia Theological Seminaryfor reading forbidden books such as Marx and Lenin (Lewis 8 Marrin 20). after(prenominal) his expulsion from Tiflis school, Joseph became a revolutionary.He organized strikes and demonstrations at factories and also found ways togather money for Lenin and the Bolshevik party. He was banished to Siberia half dozentimes between the years 1903 and 1917. Each time, he escaped easily, overleap thelast, when he was released because of the February revolution (Lewis 19 Marrin24). After the death of his first wife, Ekaterina Svanidze, Joseph became more(prenominal)cold and tough. He gave the child that his wife bore him to her parents and evenchose a new name for himself, Stalin, the Man of Steel (Marrin 26).Then came the October Revolution and the stick up of Lenin and theBolsheviks. Stalin became general secretary of the Bolshevik partys CentralCommittee. He was also the political commissar of the Workers and Peasants Inspectorateand the commissar of nationalities (McKay 927 Treadgold 205). After Lenins,death Stalin gained power by allying himself with the moderates to fight off hisrival, Leon Trotsky, who was a radical and another member of the Central

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