Monday, February 4, 2019

World War Two and Its Impact on the Role of American Women in Society E

World War Two and Its Impact on the voice of American Women in Society World War II is an issuing that has marked history like no other. Originating from a European struggle, fight broke step up in 1939 and continued for six years. From the years 1939 by 1945 more than half the earths surface was battling in war. American rules of order was greatly affected. People of every age, race and class were deeply affected. Womens place in hunting lodge took a leap forward like it never had before. As an effect of the second world war womens traditional roles in society were drastically altered. The 1940s brought innovative opportunities along with hardships to American society. After the Depression it looked as though there was no hope for the traditional role of women to be changing. Women had very few job opportunities, especially unite women. In William heat content Chafes book The American Woman, he explains Legislative bodies enacted laws restricting the employment of married women. Labor, government, and the mass media all joined in a campaign exhort females to refrain from taking jobs. And the overwhelming majority of average citizens--including women--showed little disport in modifying the existing distribution of sexual roles. (Chafe 135) The role of women in society was unchanging. It was quite remarkable how stable their role remained for so long (135). age still recovering from the Depression, Europe managed to mark the beginning of the biggest war in history. They first took over Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, and France. And after Pearl Harbor was bombed by the Japanese, the linked States entered the war. The main transformation World War II made for women in American society was there were man... ...o work, keeping the economy going term the men were fighting the war. Other women joined the army and navy out in combat. Organizations that are still present to this day were founded, such as the American Red Cross Association, the Womens Army Corps (WAC), the Women Accepted for tender Emergency Service (WAVES), and the Army Nurse Corps. Overall, World War II changed the role of American women for the better. It marked the beginning of an ongoing advancement of womens stinting position in American society. Works CitedBrokaw, Tom.The Greatest Generation.New York stochastic House, 2004. Print. Chafe, William H. The American Woman Her Changing Social, Economic, and Political Roles, 1920-1970. New York Oxford UP, 1972. Print.Daniel, Robert L.American Women in the 20th Century. The Festival of Life. San Diego Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1987.

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