Thursday, March 14, 2019

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Science, Development and HumanityABSTRACT The formation of a saucily scientific picture of the knowledge domain is connected with the necessity of subjectiveness. This subjectivity posits no limits for the scientific aspects of cognitive processes, moreover embraces a comprehensive world of spiritual activity. To choose the most effective model of social behavior, it is Copernican to have an adequate knowledge of reality (i.e., the objective regularities of the surrounding world). sophisticated science reflects the vagueness of reality and, in consequence, the impossibility of using classical approaches. Increasingly, the interdict phenomena of the surrounding world reflects the complexity of natural and socio-natural systems, especially on the worldwide scale. Restrictions of the classical approaches to this complexity can be overcome within the interactional theories or hierarchical systems theory that are becoming to a greater extent and more popular. The necessity of appe al to modern theories, initiated as the result of bionomical crises, stimulates the processes of new paradigm formation in science, acting often in shock of the needs and motives of society. The role of scientific world cognition in the score of Humanity is not considered to be unequivocal. One must not overvalue its significance in mans living being improvement, raising its status, expansion of its rights, but one should confirm the development of science only, and further more, the appearance of proficient inventions completely changed the relations between the man and the world surrounding him, generating ecological crisis. On the other hand, the problem of Humanity succeeding(a) development is super complex, its solving is only with the use of scientific potential.Attribute of Mind, giving a man the right to be crowning point of nature stubborn the direction of the Planet history development several centuries ahead. To great extend, rationality, as well as the science it self is the result of develop of Enlightenment and it caused upheavals in Europe and influenced further world development.The Picture of world during New Age was seen as if the event was determined exactly by the starting conditions. fit in to Laplas Principle of determination one could recall the past and predict future in details in case if one possessed the full(a) combination of data at any moment of time. In scientific view of New Age laws of nature were given their own status, differed greatly comparing with the laws expressing models of relations between people, determined by the norms and values of righteousness and morals. Thus, Ch.Snows mind, premises for existence of two cultures conflicts appeared.

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