Friday, March 15, 2019

Whose Shoes Would You Choose? A Comparison of Shakespeare and John Mayer :: Free Essays Online

Whose Shoes Would You convey? A Comparison of Shakespe ar and John Mayer My love is strengthend though more(prenominal) wishy-washy in seemingI love not little, though less the show appear 1. These first dickens lines of Shakespeares sonnet 102 deal with an manifestation of love he does not usually touch on relationships, or more specifically, the idea of a serious, committed relationship. The relationship he speaks of isnt a blossoming romance, but a relationship that has reached the sometimes dreaded comforter zone. A very similar idea is approached in John Mayers commodious, in which the singer longs for the comfort of a past love. In these pieces, the two respective writers discuss the advantages to a relationship in this stage, and how sometimes its transgress than a refreshfuler love. Why wouldnt these writers prefer those immatureer stage of love, when everything is bright and perfect and new? In the newer stages, serious conflicts have not arise n and a persons flaws and quirks havent really had a chance to surface yet, so wouldnt you tend to like the person more? Maybe not.2. This idea could perhaps be compared to buying shoes. Theres a indisputable level of excitement with buying new shoes. Theyre all shiny and clean, and its a thrill every time you put them on. You cant wait to show them shoot, to crumble them with everything. They become your favorites. And then, after a few months of wearing them, they get more broken in, and while you may not be so contiguous to show them off, and they may be a little dirtier and less shiny, theyre correct more special to you, because these shoes have been places with you and have withstood many miles of walking, jumping, running, whatever. They propose your feet feel good, and that makes you feel good, and so months later, youre even more thrilled at your good fortune of finding this outstanding pair of shoes. The same is original for the relationships described in these two pieces. Shakespeare describes a love that has grown proficient like the summer. In the beginning, he and his lover were quick to show off their love for each other, and revel in the newness of everything. This is common in new loves the two involved spend every possible minute together, and are constantly singing the praises of each other to other people.

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