Tuesday, June 18, 2019

A Rose For Emily Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

A Rose For Emily - Essay ExampleShe was even able to keep Homer close to despite her odd behavior. Emily was an outsider. Not only did she hide herself behind her decrepit house, but she hid herself behind her place that suggested that nothing was amiss in her life. She gave off an attitude in hopes of being admired by the townspeople. However, both her house and attitude would suggest the kind of woman that Emily was sheltered, aged beyond her years, barely able to gestate on her own too feet, much like her house on its foundation. Despite this, though, Emily requires attention, mainly from men. She ignores her neighbors and the community until Homer comes along, fulfilling her needs. Emily was also a necrophiliac, having a familiar attraction to dead bodies, which could have developed after her fathers dead body was properly disposed of. Having everything that she loved constantly taken from her, it is nearly unsurprising that she would keep Homers body long after his death. S he did not want yet another of her loved possessions removed from her. The arsenic that she had bought forward to Homers arrival, which never made an appearance again in the story, could assumed to have been the cause of Homers death.

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