Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Nike and Mac for cosmetics Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Nike and Mac for cosmetics - Case Study ExampleTheir products overhear been used by major sporting personalities and have achieved the traits they are so much advertised to have. This company has gained the loyalty of its customers over the years such that buying a sporting skid, or any early(a) sporting equipment from another company is quite difficult. Nike enjoys this loyalty through increased sales and reduced marketing efforts since their brand is already known and trusted. The brand forecast that this sporting company has created for itself is a result of hard work and implementation of appropriate strategies to gain the confidence of customers. This company also used pathos to divvy up their sporting products. This emotional appeal is seen in their use of admireric images to create an emotional attachment with consumers. The use of a favored sports figure creates a savour of victory in customers, and they end up buying Nikes products. Some of these advertisements are d esigned in a manner showing how a hero in Nike wear subdues an enemy who seems rather unbeatable. Such an advertisement is a great advertisement tool in that it captures the inner feelings of a person. It has been a successful strategy over the years, an example being the Air Jordan. Nike products with this name were associated with Michael Jordan, one of the greatest basketballers that ever played in the NBA. With such an association of greatness, consumers are destined to buy these products.The logos part of marketing the Nike products is the fact that they give what they market. A case in point is the comfort in their running shoes and the mince associated with them. Their shoes can be credited with the best comfort in running shoes as said in their advertisements. The same applies for the flex grooves of the shoe soles. They work just as they are prescribed to. They give the best running experience an athlete would wish for. People have praised Nike for the honesty

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