Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Memo Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words - 4

Memo - Essay Example â€Å"These companies reported they collect this information to create duplicate or back-up files in case of system disruptions; to manage computer resources such; and to hold employees accountable for company policies†(GAO, 2002). Further, we advise all employees and officers that, in the even we receive information regarding our policy violation, their respective electronic transactions are subject to being read and reviewed. This policy covers use of offensive or disruptive language, visiting of offensive websites, improper handling or protection of corporate information and client files and doctoring or altering of corporate files. Altering of financial data is included in this policy as well. information from reaching competitors as well. First, the most sensitive information regarding corporate and client financial information is limited in access, to only those employees who need to information to perform their jobs. Our department has a list of the various levels of access assigned to each employee. Within our department, myself and one technical manager on each shift has access to the highest level access. To keep passwords from accidentally falling into the wrong hands, we also assign new passwords to those with the highest level of access every month. They are sent via email from within our corporate intranet. In addition, those with the highest level of access are only able to log on to the intranet, which is the only method of accessing financial data. We reported, we encourage you to speak to either myself or one of the shift managers, should you ever have the need. We encourage you to also come to us with any rumors or suspicions that your employees may come to you with. Typically such allegations are unfounded, thought it pays to be cautious. Corporate corruption can be described as anything from treating clients to lavish vacations, nights at strip clubs, altering financial statements and many more activities.

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