Monday, August 12, 2019

Reflection Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 27

Reflection - Essay Example She was objectified and deemed only good for her physical features. A trend that has been a vice in all generations. Our music nowadays is full of explicit content. Songs describing women in a graphic and vile manner has filled our airwaves. What is even more distressiing is that women seem to enjoy this negative attention thus encouraging the men. Sara Baartman same as most Khoi-San women was well rounded with large buttocks, large breasts and an elongated labia. One can understand that the typical African woman in those days was a sight to behold but beauty should be admired and not ridiculed. We are all fearfilly and wonderfully made and in the image of God. His work should not be the subject of mockery and ridicule but we should simply marvel at it and be in complete awe. It is important to ask ourselves why men rarely are the subject of such acts of exploitation and abuse. Sara Baartman was born in South Africa and even while there she lived as a slave to a Dutch farmer in Cape Town. Sara was then promised great wealth if she moved to England Africa was by then referred to as the black continent mostly because its inhabitants were black. Even while she was living in her motherland she was still being subjected to racial discrimination as she worked as a slave, a role mainly played by Africans who were seen as the inferior race. It was unheard of that a white would be a black man’s slave. While in Europe, racial discrimination was at its peak at the time and Sara felt its full brunt. To the Europeans she was simply a weird specimen that was to be observed to staisfy their curiosity. No one amongst them ever made an attempt to learn about the Hottentot Venus a a person. Did she have a sense of humour? Was she temperamental? Was she intelligent? Very few attempts if any were made to learn more about her innerself. The curiosity was on her extraordinary physical features. But you have to wonder, because the

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